Foreign Movie Time Isabella Lund


Published: December 26th 2012


42 pages


Foreign Movie Time  by  Isabella Lund

Foreign Movie Time by Isabella Lund
December 26th 2012 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 42 pages | ISBN: | 8.18 Mb

COME: SWOON, CLIMAX, FEASTFoxy Feast publishes the hottest, smartest erotic fiction.We publish smaller volumes of collected works for e-readers at least monthly, and periodically publish larger print compilations of stories from the years electronic releases.Isabella Lund and guest authors conjure powerful characters, chemistry and unapologetic erotic adventures for connoisseurs of variety, explicitly arousing fantasy, literary fiction and humor.Seeing a huge quality gap in the marketplace for erotic fiction, Foxy Feast set out to publish extremely arousing short fiction that meets the highest literary standards.Foxy Feast compilations generally include short fiction by Isabella Lund, plus one or more stories from guest writers (including Julie Powell, author of Julie & Julia, and Cleaving, writing under a pen name).We aim for a variety of styles and flavors not just in our erotic content, but also in actual writing styles.

Foxy Feast will sometimes include an ironic or otherwise atypical story in the middle of a compilation, for a little comic relief in the midst of a smutty feast of serious erotic reading.Foxy Feast is an equal-opportunity smut publisher: while we cannot guarantee we will cater to every predilection, our fantasies are not limited to one range of sexual preferences or any single group or type of character.“The world is ever fuller of screaming things, demanding our attention.

We are supersaturated with meaningless images and ideas devoid of feeling or substance, but as animals requiring inspiration, release and escape, we long for more from our entertainment. The brain is the most critical sexual organ, and to feed it a carefully crafted diet of emotionally charged, intelligent, cinematic erotic content is to raise the bar for carnal pleasure.Foxy Feast exists to provide an unparalleled banquet, laying on a full, dripping table of delectable scenes for all who attend.”-Isabella Lund, editor

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