Worlds Apart Phil Cocker


Published: May 25th 2015



Worlds Apart  by  Phil Cocker

Worlds Apart by Phil Cocker
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Eric Peterson, a teenager destined to fulfill a 1000 year old legacy on another planet, wanted to get home. Along with friends, old and new, hed beaten the Rexon, had blown up their ship and used a device called a Kylapitar to escape.

Alas, escape got him away from imminent death, yet to where. The Eden in which he found himself and his friends seemed unreal, yet here he was until he could get everyone home.He had to follow the basic survival instructions his father had taught him, and ask questions of himself and some strange people around him. The planet hes got them safely too has its own hidden stories, which may take some of them down the wrong path.Meanwhile King Harvin, Aishas father, and Janosh, have to escape the tortuous prison on the blazingly hot planet, occupied by the scheming Commander Prant and his Rexon army.Major Ian Jackson, of the Earth Defence Force MI9 was using all his skills and abilities to get his team off world, and save Eric.

He believed in the prophecy, and would do all he could to help this young man live up to it. Although he finds a spy within his camp.Eric may have freed the Ansolonians from the Rexon, but at what cost. With the King and his security chief mysteriously missing, we see their hated enemy, the Mallesians send their top spy Sharlock on a mission to discover the truth behind the stories.Action, adventure, and intrigue abounds as story lines twist and turn, taking the reader on a rollercoaster of a ride, before bringing it all to a head in an explosive finale, where many questions will be asked, and answered.Will Harvin and Janosh return to their planet before the Mallesians discover their true fates?Will Major Jackson discover who the spy is, and save Eric?And will Eric fulfill the next part of the 1000 year old destiny?

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