A Family Forever Brenda Coulter

ISBN: 9780786297061

Published: August 1st 2007



A Family Forever  by  Brenda Coulter

A Family Forever by Brenda Coulter
August 1st 2007 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | | ISBN: 9780786297061 | 8.80 Mb

In my opinion, this was not an uplifting book. Yes, there was a decent, Godly message but nothing positive happened until approximately page 250 of 256. Way too much sadness and strife for me. The heroine was not in the least likeable.Shelby - a young woman whose fiance, David, passed away three weeks before their wedding in an accident. She discovers after the death that after one night of passion, she is pregnant with his child. She is anything but a nice person and it was very hard to take her continual whining about God.

(He did this, He took this away, He doesnt love me....and it went on and on and on endlessly.) She has had many years to work through her problems and scars left behind, but refuses to. She wont let anyone get close, does not even like to be touched. I viewed her as mean-spirited, weak, self absorbed, bordering on mental illness, all because she would not seek help.

She was not rational and I simply did not like her one bit. She treated Tucker horribly and did not seem grateful for anything he did. She grated on my nerves, made me angry, and caused me to almost put the book down for good.Tucker - the knight in shining armor. David was his adopted brother and he loved him dearly. He figures out his brothers fiance is pregnant and insists that she marry him, offering a lifetime of caring and growing to love each other.

He is every womans dream. I dont know if a man like Tucker really exists, but I want one. That man had wisdom beyond his years. He is simply a very good Godly man. Shelby did not deserve someone as good and wonderful as Tucker, but he refused to let her go.So can they work it out? Will she ever come to grips with her past and cease with her pity parties?Do I recommend this book?

Let me answer it this way. If I had know that 97.65% was sad and monotonous, whiny and depressive, with only a couple of pages that were happy and right, I would not have chosen to read this book. You may very well feel differently.I have to also say that I usually love all of Ms Coulters books so maybe this was just not a good fit for me.

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