Huts Of The High Country Klaus Hueneke

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Huts Of The High Country  by  Klaus Hueneke

Huts Of The High Country by Klaus Hueneke
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It took me a long time to get through this book. Despite containing some fascinating information it has no proper structure - no beginning, no end, no coherent internal organisation and most annoyingly of all no paragraph indents. In fact the whole presentation is horribly amateurish, and although it is clearly a labour of love by one dedicated individual it would have been much improved if only someone had looked through it with a more professional eye.Basically its a list - its difficult to call it more than that - of the huts which have been built over the years in the Kosciusko National Park in Australia.

Some of these have an intriguing history, having originally been put up by the first European settlers in the area, and often its a tale of great hardship and a struggle to survive. Nowadays many of the remaining huts are operated as refuges for walkers in the summer and skiers in the winter, so clearly its vital that their location, state of preservation and the facilities available should be recorded, and this book seems to have been an early attempt (1983) to do that whilst also integrating some of the local folklore.For anyone not actually on the ground, however, its disappointing.

The small amount of delightfully quirky information it imparts is unfortunately not balanced out by the poor presentation, and the presence of one rather upsetting anecdote about a horse was enough to guarantee that this one would be finding its way onto eBay more or less immediately. A great shame, as it could have been so much more- no doubt there have been many other - and better - guidebooks to the area published since.

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